ALWAYS call the trail leader the Thursday before a ride for reservations. Verify the time & meeting place.  This helps the  trail leader plan for parking and snacks.

 NEVER pass the trail leader without permission.

 Parent or guardian must accompany riders under the age of 18

 Non-members are welcome, but must be a guest of a member, sign a Release & pay the non-member ride fee.

 No stallions on the rides; No ponied horses on the trails; No dogs on the trails (dogs may be in camp on a leash).

 No alcohol on the trail and No Smoking while in the saddle.

 No firearms carried unless by law-enforcement personnel, except those authorized by the trail boss.

 Do not lope or run your horse.  Do not pass another horse on the trail without permission and then only when it’s safe.

 Maintain your position-must be at least one horse-length behind the horse in front.  Do not lag behind and lope to catch up . On very steep climbs or descents it is proper to wait for clear distance for safety.  Do not trot, gait or canter up & down the hills.

 If you need to stop on the trail, tell the trail boss-the whole group will wait.

 No littering on the trails.  Pack it in, Pack it out.

Horses that kick or THREATENS to kick should have a red ribbon on their tail.

Non-compliance with these rules may result in an official letter from the Board of Directors.  Failure to comply with the directives of the letter may result in suspension of club membership.

If your horse’s behavior is unruly you may be asked to bring a different horse for future rides.