Welcome to the Prescott Saddle Club

Welcome to the Prescott Saddle Club

Welcome to the Prescott Saddle ClubWelcome to the Prescott Saddle ClubWelcome to the Prescott Saddle Club

About Us

The Prescott Saddle Club is an organization dedicated to the enjoyment of horses & mules through organized activities such as trail rides, parades, educational opportunities, preserving trails, and other social events centered around an equestrian theme. 



In 1948, 24 horseback riding buddies decided that they needed a name. They wanted to experience good fellowship with others, while enjoying the great outdoors of the Prescott area. They wanted to develop and maintain trails for everyone to enjoy. Their love of horses and good horsemanship had brought them all together. They proclaimed their group the Prescott Saddle Club. 

      To celebrate the formation of the club, and to announce their existence, they held a ride from downtown Prescott to the Granite Mountain Basin Lake. Upon their arrival at the lake, they were served breakfast and everyone had a good time. The Prescott Saddle Club celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 1998 by retracing and riding the original trail from town to the lake, and again was served breakfast from a chuck wagon. This time they also held a dinner dance for their members to commemorate their 50 years.

      As the club grew, so did the frequency of rides. Today the club schedules rides most Saturdays of the year. The club members continue to work on maintaining trail access throughout the year for future equestrians. Summer time brings weekend camping trips with the horses, as well as other social events. The Christmas party is a favorite with all the members.

       From the small group that began the club in 1948, we have grown to 105 members in 2016. The Prescott Saddle Club is the oldest horseback riding club in Arizona. The visions that the first members had are also the visions of the current members. It is truly a wonderful club, supported by people who love horses.

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Prescott Saddle Cub Membership Application March 2019 (pdf)